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This project is part of Erasmus+ strategic partnership "Challenging Communication in a Committing Community" in which the students are encouraged to be self-confident, creative and responsible in changing their environment. They will work in small international teams on inventing useful things, creating sci-fi products, writing articles, carrying out surveys, making posters, presenting their powerpoint slides, preparing questionaires, collecting and analyzing the data. 

The main objectives are:
*To develop ways of learning which are interesting and relevant for the students.
*To make friends across borders and break down prejustices.
*To improve the students language skills
*To strenghten the feeling of being European
*To inspire teachers at our schools to make projects and use IT(Information Technologies) as a cooperative tool.


Participating schools:

Ibini Sina Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey - coordinating teacher: Filiz Egemen
Liceul Teoretic "Dr. Mihai Ciuca", Romania - coordinating teacher: Cristina Prisecaru
Gimnazjum nr. 6 im. Polskich Nauczycieli Tajnego Nauczania w latach, Poland - coordinating teacher: Joanna Slizewska
Agerbæk skole, Denmark - coordination teacher: Ulla Lambek