Programme for the mobility meeting at Agerbæk School in Denmark

Tuesday 17th of February 2015 
12.35 pm     Turkish team arrive in Billund Airport
As you are probably tired after the long journey: We will take you to a cottage where you all will stay together until wednesday. 
Wednesday 18th of February 
7 am breakfast in cottage ­forT urkish team 
7.30 am departure for school. You bring all your luggage 
8.20 presentation to the students in 9th grade 
8.50 to 10.50 Take part in ordinary lessons in 9th grade 
We will introduce you to Geogebra and Word Mat and the game: “Detectives” in chemistry.
 Between 9 and 10 Polish team arrive ­ take showers :o) 
10.50 to 11.50 Lunch break 
11.50 to 2.30pm Preparation for the Welcoming (Bake rolls, make layered cakes) 
2pm Arrival in Billund Airport Romanian team 
3 pm Official opening of the mobility meeting and welcoming at Agerbæk school 
Walk and talk card Write on big posters (A1): 
1. The logo and the Title: Write your signatures 
2. Expectations for the mobility meeting: write a sentence.(Try not to write the same as others) 
3. Give us a good idea :o) 
15.20Go home to host families :o)
Thursday 19th of February 8.20 ­ 
8.50 Intro “National meetings” 8.50 Official start of the project: “Gyro Gearloose” 
Work in groups: Design and create your invention. 
10.50 to­ 11.50 Lunch break 
­ 14.50 Teams work on the invention 
15.20 Check out 
Friday 20th of February 8.20 ­ 
8.50 Intro ­ the teams shortly present the inventions for each other 
8.55 am Guests will be taken on a bus tour to Blåvand ­ to see the North Sea and do some shopping. (Danish students have ordinary lessons) 
12.15 Bus home from Blåvand 
1.00 pm Lunch at school 
2 pm Group work: Production and testing + Budget and sales strategy 
4 pm Get ready for party + make dinner
6 pm to ­ 9.30 pm Dinner at School ­ Party time 
A band ­will entertain us for 1 hour:­ “Beiers Lovers” Every country bring and organize some entertainment: Dance, activity involving everybody, show, song....... just use your imagination. Show each other how you party:o) 
Saturday 21st of February
The students spend the entire weekend with their host family 
Sunday 22nd of February
The students spend the entire weekend with their host family
Monday 23rd of February
8.20 to ­ 8.50 Intro: “National meetings” 
8.50 Group work: Make commercials for the products 
10.50 ­to 11.50 Lunch break 
11.50 to 14.50 Group work on invention: sales strategy, commercials, exhibition and presentations 
14.50 ­to 15.20 Check out 
Tuesday 24th of February
8.20 to­ 8.50 Intro: “National meetings” 
8.50 Group work: Make exhibition 
10.50 to ­ 11.50 Lunch break 
11.50 to ­ 14.50 Reception with presentation of the final products inclusive commercials and sales strategies. Parents, local companies, other students and teachers will be invited. Evaluation of the inventions ­ find a winner! 
14.50 to ­ 15.20 Check out 
Wednesday 25th of February
8.20 Intro: “National meetings” Final evaluation of the meeting. 
We pass out “participant papers” and maybe “Europass” 
Prizes for the best inventions. 
Prizes for the best commercial. 
Prizes for the best Science Fiction story 
Prizes to those who created our logo 
Guests follow their hosts in ordinary lessons if more time is left.
11.00 am Lunch 
12.30 pm Departure 
Turkish team and Romanian team go to Billund 
Polish team go to Polan