Program for the meeting

at Liceul Teoretic “Dr. Mihai Ciuca” in Saveni, Romania, 13th 20th May, 2016. 
Preparations before the meeting - getting knowledge about topics related to democracy.
  1. Students were organized in mixed teams - they decided on a headline/topic and together they made a poster - illustrating the topic.
  2. Writing articles - all students were in teams of four - in each team were representatives from each country - each student chose a headline for his/her article - made 5 questions and sent these to their three team members. Then the questions were answered and the articles were written.

Mobility meeting in Saveni, Romania

12th and13th of Mai    Students from Turkey, Poland and Denmark arrive in Bucharest  airport 
13th - 15th  of Mai      We go by bus all the way to Saveni.
                                   On the route we will visite different locations such as castles, monasteries, beautiful sceneries. The objective is to learn some things about the evolution of democracy in Romanian history.
15th of Mai    Arrival at school
All participants will have accomodation and meals and they will participate in the everyday family life of their hosts. 
At school, you will take part in lessons and bring your contribution to the last task of our project. 
16th to 18th of Mai    Preparing for debate competition
Knowing that the topic is Democracy and debates are the most democratic exercise for expressing opinions, criticise things and discuss solutions, students will be divided in groups, choose a topic of democratic interest, make research on it and come upwith arguments for or against it. Teachers will guide and help them in their quest. As a conclusion of this activity, a final debate will be organized. The most interesting topic and the convicing teams will be honoured. We hope that everybody will have a great experience.
19th of Mai    Debate competition
                      Prizes and diplomas - final meeting
20th of Mai    Departure day