Creating new art

Students were arranged in teams with members from the four participating countries.
Before the meeting they decided on a song, and they discussed online to agree on a way to Express the content of the song.
As students from Poland were not aloud to go to Turkey, because of the political situation in Turkey, they worked from home. They painted and a copy of the painting was sent to Turkey. The rest of the team then included the picture in the final painting. 
Here you can see the winners of the project:

First place:  Title of painting: "Psychosis"

The picture represent the darkness that changes the human nature. Every chain represent one of the things that a person must face: Pain, Fear, Loneliness, Sadness, Envy, Hate. The broken chains represent the problems that the person surpassed and the scars that remains after and that make him stronger.
The black shadow that is in the corner represent the person who is losing his/her personality and form because he/she lacks confidence and individuality, thus loosing the battle with life.

Inspired by the song:    “Exile Vilify” by “The National”

Painted by: 

Egemen Giray- TR
Ali Ozan Zeren- TR
Andreas Christensen- DK
Andrei Scobiola- RO
Jagoda Jazwinska- PO


Second place: Title of painting: "Secrets"

Painted by:

İrem Ağdaş- TR
Habip Kısaayak- TR
Amalie Stokbæk- DK
Mihnea Buiciuc- RO
Oliwia Sadurska- PO

Third place: Title of painting: "Break free"

Painted by: 

Gizem Ağbaş- TR   

Tuna Çolak- TR

Lærke Kirkegaard Jensen- DK
Andreea- Denisa Ciubotariu-RO
Julia Ustianowska- PO

Exhibition winners.pdf