The hidden message

Students were invited to comment on the paintings via a facebook group.

Below you can see the results.

Dear the 4C’s Members,

Welcome to our new Facebook group which is open to public. This group has been formed only for “The Hidden Message” task so as to make your comments on paintings readable for everyone.

We want you to make subjective and positive comments on each painting considering these headlines:
• What is the “hidden message” lying under the painting?
• Is this a successful work of art in general?
• Does the title of the painting give you a real opinion about the work?
• Is the painting relevant to the lyrics of the song?
• What sense does the painting make on you?
• What did you like/dislike most?
• What do you think of the choice of colours?
• What are your suggestions for a better one?

Please do not forget to show respect and undertstanding to the efforts of the painters.

Thanks in advance to all of you 

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