Activities in Denmark 

The first period 1.9.2014 – 31.1.2015, in charge DK
Set up our project on eTwinning and set up a webpage     

Topic: ”Gyro Gearloos” – teens inventing and Science fiction

Decided by (Danish team): Marita Knak and Ulla Lambek
Preparation: 15.10.2014 - ­31.10.2014                                                                 

Title: Science Fiction

Learning about different literary genres are compulsory in all countries. At all schools the students will be introduced to Science Fiction involving national language and English.
The students will be familiar with specific characteristics for that type of literature.
In all countries students will read: "A sound of thunder", a novel written by Ray Bradbury: This is meant to give the students a common experience in this field.
Danish teachers will send novels by Ray Bradbury to participating schools.
Teachers at the participating schools are responsible themselves for introducing the students to Science Fiction literature (coordinators are responsible for this)
The teaching material we use in our different countries will be distributed among us on eTwinning and published on our webpage for others. (Also material in national languages as it is meant as inspiration for our colleagues)
Follow-up                                            31.10.2014 - 13.11.2014
Title: Brainstorming – using Mindmeister – ideas for a Science fiction stories             
First the students will use Mindmeister as a tool to share ideas and later on decide more concrete on the story. Then they can switch to use Padlet because here the students can share both pictures and text.
The task will take place in the same classes as "Gyro Gearloose", as we want to take advantage of the motivation caused by the commitment the students feel towards each other, because they have met and become friends.
Implementation:       13.11.2014 - .31.11.2014                                                               
Title: Write science fiction novels
In teams of 6 to 8 the students will use their knowledge about Science fiction literature and write novels. We will work in Google shared documents.
Dissemination: 31.1.2014 – 7.12.2014
Title: Collection of the novels on                                                                  
All the Science fiction novels will be collected on for further dissemination among our students and on our webpage.
Danish coordinator will collect the novels from Danish and Turkish students. Polish coordinator will collect the novels written by Romanian and Polish students. Danish coordinator will make sure that deadline is kept.
Closure: 7.12.2014 – 13.12.2014                                                                                           
Title: Evaluation on the Science fiction task – students and teachers.
Students read all the new Science fiction novels. An individual evaluation on the final products will be made in Google formula and all students will evaluate and vote for the best novel. We will select some important quality requirements: use of Science Fiction characterization, the story´s structure, surprising moments and ask the students to comment and vote for the best novel.
The Danish team will collect all answers, disseminate the results and honour the winner.
Title: "Gyro Gearloose" - teens inventing              
In a democracy you must learn to argue and justify the choices you make. The students will practice that while they are discussing what they are going to invent. We want to raise creative students who are flexible, motivated and want to do their best.
The Danish team will coordinate. The coordinators from each country must sent a list with email addresses to the Danish coordinator . at the latest October 20th. Danish students will invite 2 from each of the four countries to work in the same Mindmeister.      
Description of the activites:
1. Team members present themselves: October 21st to 24th
2. In teams make brainstorm on new inventions.  (2 from each of the four countries will be invited to work in the same Mindmeister.) October 27th till November 14th
Tirsdag den 28.  Oktober 2. time kl. 8.50 til 9.50  
To get ideas the students will be encouraged to ask local industries and private people if there are something they are missing in their everyday lives.
3. Skype meeting - discuss and agree.             November 10th to 14th                   
Follow-up:                      November 17th to 28th
Title: Present your idea - What, why, how using a Powerpoint presentation in google docs                                                                                                                                 
The task is a follow up on the first task - brainstorming - the students will continue working in the same teams. Danish students will invite the members of their group to contribute in the same powerpoint presentation on Google docs.
The teachers role is to support the students and follow-up: Make sure that all group have got an idea: What will they invent, how, why.

Implementation:          Mobility meeting in DK: 18.2.2015 to 25.2.2015

Title: Mobility meeting - produce your invention    
Infotilvirksomheder.pdf (64328)    
The purpose with the mobility meeting will be to produce and present the invention.
1. Make technical drawings and a model of the product.
2. Make commercials for the product (film, poster, radio commercial etc.)
3. Business and financial strategies
All students (age 11 to 16) at Agerbæk school, will be involved in workshops related with the project, with participants from all four countries presented in each group. They will be involved in making commercials for the product.
Dissemination: 24.2.2014
Title: "Gyro Gearloos":  Exhibition with the Teens inventions                                
In the end of the meeting an exhibition will be arranged for parents, interested people from our local industries,  teachers and students at our school. The participants in the mobility meeting will present their inventions and a winner will be honoured.
The students and teachers participating in the mobility meeting will be hosts at the exhibition.
The students must present:
1. A technical drawing of the invention
3. A model of the product
2. Different commercials for the product.
The best invention will be selected after:
- needed in everyday life  (use of the "tool")
- best branding (one  prize for the  best poster, one prize for the best radio commercial, one prize for the best live commercial)
Closure:     24.2.2015
Title: Evaluation of the first project:  "Gyro Gearloose" - Teens invention.       
After the mobility meeting we want to take advantage of that the students feel more connected to each other.
The Danish team will make questionnaires in Google formula one for the students to fill out another one for the teachers involved focusing on work method, professional outcome and personal development.
Coordinators in all countries must give a link to all the participating students and make sure that they get time to answer the questionnaire made by the Danish team.