"Challenging Communication in a Committing Community"

Project Meeting in Koszalin, Poland 23-29.05.2015

23rd May 2015 SATURDAY

12.00 Arrival of Turkish and Romanian guests in Koszalin - Polish

students and their parents welcome their guests at our school

20.00 Arrival of the guests from Denmark at the train station -

Polish students and their parents welcome their guests


24th May 2015 SUNDAY

The students spend Sunday with their host families


25th May 2015 MONDAY

8.00 - an official welcome meeting

8.30 - groups go to their classrooms

8.35 - working on the ebook using Flash Page Flip till lunch

12.30-13.30 - lunch break for all the students 12.30-13.30

13.30-15.30 working on ebooks

15.30 going home to the host families :o)


26th May 2015 TUESDAY

7.50- meeting in front of the school

8.00- leaving for Kołobrzeg ( 2 coaches- all the students taking part in the project )

9.00- 12.45 -sightseeing in Kołobrzeg

13.00 -going back to Koszalin

14.00- lunch at the canteen at school

14.30- 16.30 - working in groups over the poems, songs and short plays

17.00- 18.00- taking part in Quiz - How much we know about the English speaking countries and the countries we come from

18.00-20.00 Let’s PARTY!!! music and snacks for everyone


27th May 2015 WEDNESDAY

8.00 -meeting and distributing tasks

8.30 -rehearsals (songs, poems, short plays) /groups rehearsing short plays may use bigger rooms- fitness and ballet/

12.30-13.30 lunch break for all students (lunch will be served at the conference room)

13.30-15.30-making decorations, stage props


28th May 2015 THURSDAY

8.00-12.30 groups work on their performance in their rooms /including ballet and fitness rooms/

during the rehearsals our teacher experts on music, drama and costumes will come round to give you advice

also each group will take part in breathing and articulation exercises with school’s speech therapist

12.30- 13.30 lunch break

/12.30 lunch at the canteen at school/

13.30- 15.00 rehearsals

16.15 gathering in the club ‘CK105’, in town

17.00 -19.00 Groups’ presentations, prizes and diplomas, the farewell cake


29th May 2015 FRIDAY

5:20 departure time for Danish school at the train station

6:00 departure time for Turkey and